The Sweary Spiritual Coach
The Sweary Spiritual Coach
Nici Gorman

Welcome to The Sweary Spiritual Coach

Stable & Able, Its not sexy but its needed

About Me

Welcome to the sweary spiritual coach run by me, Nici Gorman. 

This is a community space to learn, practice, share and grow with like minded friends, many of whom have worked with me in some way.

Maybe you are a Real World Spirituality member, maybe we've done healing work together or you've recieved a reading, or maybe we've done some fuck it therapy! 

What I love about my work is the connections it brings and sometimes those can be lost when we finish our program of work together. 

Well fear not! This space is a way to keep me in your pocket (for a modest fee!) with chatting and meditations and card spreads you can learn yourself as well as so much more!  

Because although we might have finished some big work together, it's the small daily touches that make for the stable and able we are all truly striving for! 

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